Pop Up Picnic

Photo credit:  Guy Wagner

Photo credit:  Guy Wagner

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picnics in local urban farms, community gardens, and parks highlight the story of bees and their critical relationship to food.

A picnic set for 48 people, Pop up Picnic includes handmade porcelain plates (city map), bowls (hives) and cups (bee-pollinated vegetables) to form a map of the local food system in Minneapolis. They are packaged carefully into portable crates and transported on a tricycle to gardens and parks in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area. The set is a giant puzzle, and participants can engage with each other to create the map. Through their collective knowledge of neighborhoods, gardens and beehives participants can identify the spaces in our city where humans and pollinators mingle. Then comes the best part: food!  Pop up Picnic can be a potluck or a catered event, and the best part is that it is a zero waste affair. 

Bees and beehives are metaphors for human communities.  Scientists think of a hive as a single organism - individual bees are engaged in a common pursuit to keep the hive healthy and each bee has a role in the system. Communities work in the same way: if some of us are consistently under-served, the entire system will struggle to stay healthy. Bees can teach us the power of interdependence and collaboration.

“Pop Up Picnic” gives community members a chance to discover their role in the food system by interacting with handmade objects and food in outdoor spaces.

Interested in having pop up picnic come to you?

Are you having a picnic?  Do you want to learn more about pollinators? Pop up Picnic can bring some magic to your next outdoor event. It will travel within a 6 mile radius of the 55406 zip code in Minneapolis. 

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